Hey all there something I have to say I really have to say this it has to do wid bio shock people are complain about how bio shock was made for a wide screen and how it looks like it was cut or w/e to fit a screen that cant do wide screen like a crt screen or a small screen like a computer screen and it was a good thing but thanks to all the assholes out there that complain now there probly will never do this agen and it was a good thing. The pc gamers will probly have to pay more for the game even more than there playing now. I mean really there suffering as it is already wid vista I was at http://chris.pirillo.com/live/ and you should have seen how happy he was when he was useing mac OS X and he did something du du dun it worked isnt that horubal to windows guess it is. well write you all latter.


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