Windows Vista Home Basic

Well like I sed last week I got a new laptop that has windows vista home basic. When I say that I went to Ubuntu Linux but it really didn’t work well on it so vista got me back. After I put vista back on the laptop I started to play with it and well There really wasn’t much to say about it I mean it is basic it has a e-mail program but I ended up down loading the windows live sweet. It is good about keeping things out of your computer I think just about everything I did this week on it it asked me if I wanted to do it what I told it to do and after awhile it got annoying. But this is a good thing now you know nothing going in or out with out you knowing. Next was hardware and well that’s were it sucked as I think everyone knows nothing I plugged in worked other than my thumb drives. Software I only tired one thing and well it was like an 8 year old typing program and it worked just as good as it dose on my other computers. In the end I like vista it works for what the normal home user uses a computer for.




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