Bad Firefox

Today I woke up and got on my computer. I started up Itunes and started lisining to Security now it was there listeners feed back episode. There was one question that I found somewhat disturbing about firefox my beloved firefox. From what they sad on there is a fetcher in firefox that lets you turn off the mask when you put in your password for a website. The most insecure thing about this what if you have firefox to save your username’s and passwords. Let say that some one breaks in to your house or gains remote access to your computer now they go to your myspace page with firefox witch you told it to remember your username and password so now when they get to the myspace home page they go in and turn off the masking and now your password is wide open and they can see it. They could go to other pages and see what kind of method you are using to come up with your passwords.

The sacry thing is my school uses firefox to do there grades and stuff. Now lets just say a kid in my school gets on one of the teachers logins by just the teacher leaving the room for a few minutes and now all that kid has to do is turn off the masking of the password and go to teachers grade book witch in my school it is online and now the password is in clear view. Now before you go run back to IE there is something you can do to stop this from happening you can go in to your options and make a master password for firefox making it so no changes can be made unless you enter that password. Well I hope I have enlightened some of you. I would like to say something though to mozila. Why would you but something like that in firefox that’s a Microsoft error so please take it out in firefox 3 I’ll bare with you for firefox 2 but please make firefox 3 better. I’ll try and have a step by step thing soon for those who want it.





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