My Rant

I was lessening to one of my favorite pod cast TWIT (This Week In Tech) and they were saying that the government is making it more expensive for local ISP’s to provide Internet for there customers by razing there cost so they have to raze there customers prices on high speed Internet For the bigger ISP’s like AOL Road Runner and Commcast there lowering there prices so basically they no longer have to worry about local ISP’s any more cause they will be out of business Yet the bigger ISP’s like Road Runner and Commcast will most likely raze their prices even though they don’t have too. Its really another way that businesses that are not monopoly’s act like monopolies. In the cents that were you going to go in most places there is only one place to go for high speed Internet here its time warner other places its Commcast so we don’t have a choice. So people do have a choice but it’s really no different so its still like they don’t have a choice. So in the end there is no choice unless you want to go to dial-up.



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