Windows Live Part 1

Windows live in the last year it has changed the way we do things soon I’m sure it will change how we do things at home and in the office. I looked Windows live hotmail live calendar and there sky drive. First if you look at there new home page that that has links to all there services on it. (look blow.)Windows live

Now windows live hotmail hot mail has changed sins the days of MSN hot mail. The reathan why I say this is because the last time I looked at Hotmail was back then I got mad at it would take forever to load up and all I wanted was my e-mail so I started using outlook express to read my e-mail then windows live mail. I like the new windows live hotmail. It looks like outlook you could never need outlook again you got your calendar and news and your e-mail. Open up outlook right now at look at it but it side by side and tell me its not almost the same. I’m sure office 2009 will have a reathan to use outlook. All you contacts from Windows Live Messenger are there as well. I really think that with time Windows live hot mail will get even live 2

I will be posting more stuff about windows live tomorrow witch will be part 2.  



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