Windows Live Part 2

Well this is part 2 of my look at some of the windows live servisis. I took a look at the windows live calender beta. I like think it looks better then the Google calender. To me the looks are inportin to me I just think if I’m going to use something I should like what I’m looking at. Well more about the calender and thats were I guess it fails I just didn’t see anything new. It docent do anything different that the Google calender cant do.

windows live 3The next thing I looked at was the windows live sky drive witch is like Microsoft’s version of Apple’s .mac accounts but for free Microsoft gives you 1GB of storeg. If you pay for it they will give you more at this time I don’t know how much more you get. I think even the GB is good for backing up home work and some of the most inportin pitchers you have or documents. Just remember that when you restore that back up it will only be as fast as you Internet connection.

windows live 4Over all I think windows live is a grate free online sweet that a student in college or even in high school for planing projects and things. Next week hope fully there will be a release beta for fire fox 3 and I can get my hands on that. Will until next weekend.live_logo


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