Well yes another Mac vs PC thing I know its point less and there just OS’s but there are differences I use PC’s for the most part but you know ever sins I was in like 3rd grade I’ve always have wanted a Mac because in school thats what we use here are Macs. But I got a PC with windows 98 and I lived. Windows I will say I have seen dose a lot better with networking and file sharing than Mac’s do from what I’ve seen that is. Though Mac’s I think are a lot better for people beginning with computers cause the OS X inter face looks just so much more simpler than Windows XP or Vista.

Updates are done I think Better on the Mac than in Windows cause Mac makes everything for there OS so they just have one updater and it keeps everything on OS X updated. Unlike Windows were you have Windows Update and a million other software updates going on at once and you never really know what they are updating cause it probably software you don’t even use any more.

But really in the end it docent really matter any more cause hell if you have a Mac you can have both of both worlds. I’ve also seen ways to get OS X running on PC’s as well. I think in the end it just boils down to what do you want to get out of your computing expectorants. If you want to do stuff like web deign and graphics then get a mac there so much stuff for that for the mac. If you want to run a Business and use business software like Microsoft Office then get a PC.

– Sam

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