The Vista Talk

Windows Vista the OS failure sins ME. Though I want to say it is really a good OS but if I do I’ll probably be hung. Really Vista inst a bad OS its just not really new and broke some things in networking that worked in XP. I remember something that Leo Laport said on ether Call For Help of The Screen Savers. It was “I hope that Long Horn (windows Vistas code name at the time) dosen’t turn out to be another Windows ME”. Well I think in some was Vista has ME was nice if you were getting a new computer and it was already on it for the most part it was windows 98. But there was really no raethen to upgrade to ME if you had windows 98. Well now if you have XP you really don’t need to go to vista and if your getting a new computer for NON-BUISNES USE go with vista. Now your probably wondering why I said for NON-BUISNES USE and thats cause in a business place Vista fail big time. In a business place a network is inportin and Vista inst really good with networking in XP networking was easy in Vista something inst going to work. Other than that Vista is fine. Its probably the most secure version of Windows ever. So please stop putting Vista down.

– Mike




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