Vista Numbers

The other night I was listening to Windows Weekly and Paul Thurrott started talking about Vista one year latter and SP1 for Vista. He stated talking about the sales numbers for Vista in its first year and Windows XP in its first year and basically they found that in Vista’s first year sold more copies than XP did in its first year. Though I remember when XP came out and I wanted to upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows XP all I ever herd was XP sucks don’t upgrade basically the same things I hear about Vista and just like Vista with everyone buying XP in grate amounts as they are now when XP came out everyone was buying windows 2000 and got mad when Microsoft stopped making 2000. I have come to one answer and that is no matter what Microsoft dose this cycle will always happen. Sorry Microsoft.

If you want download the Episode of Windows Weekly of past ones at as well go to Pual’s page.



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