Sky Drive Is Live

This week windows live sky drive came out of beta and is now live. They have added 5GB of space so for me that good for backing up my blog and stuff. They also add an extension for Internet Explorer 7 that allows you to just drag and drop stuff into your drive. It is also much faster uploading files to it than it was in beta. It is a really grate for back up and its 5GB free.

As grate as it is I think there is one thing they could do to make it better. I would like it if they were to allow you to download a program or something to be able to sync a folder on your computer to your sky drive. They should make it so it syncs to the sky drive when you can. Like for example have it set to sync my blog folder every Saturday at 4 PM then at 4 PM it dose it or every day or weekly how ever much you need it.

That for me would make sky drive so much better. Though I guess I can’t complain its 5GB for free I just got to stop being lazy and remember to back it up once a week. Well I hope to tell what’s on my mind about tech again tomorrow bye.




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