Backing Up

Lately I have been backing up a lot cause of what happen to my old computers. I use to back them up to a CD every 2 weeks and I hade records of back up CD’s with my stuff on it that I thought were important. But I started to run out of room for all my back ups so I stopped doing it I thought nothing will happen and one day it did do to my dumbness. Everything on that computer I lost pics, vids, home work, notes, etc. So I had to get back what I could lucky for me most of my pic’s were on my space so all I had to do was download them back.

So a few months have past now and well I really haven’t backed up much. Except for lately I have. The other day at school I found the use fullness of windows sky drive. I was in typing class and I was done with my work so I thought I would work on an e-mail for a friend I wanted to send. I worked on it for about 10 min’s and the bell was going to ring soon I knew so I put my flash drive in and what happen next puzzled me windows would not install the flash drive and I needed it to. Then I knew that I could upload stuff to the inter net so I went to the live sky drive site and signed in. I took the doc file and uploaded it to my sky drive documents folder. When I got home from school that day I  got on my laptop right a way and went to my sky drive page and down loaded the file and finished it.

I started to think my be this would be a good way to back up my school flash drive cause now and then I for get it and im screwed normaly. So I took just took all my school work and just uploaded it to my sky drive and now if I ever for get my school flash drive it is there and it was easy. I just dragged and dropped it in the folder (a add on for IE & is needed to do that).I also added some pics that are important to me cause with the hole yahoo thing who knows what is going to happen to yahoo.

In the end I now feel a bit safer about my data and that im not going to lose it. The only bad thing I can say about putting it one the sky drive is that I can only restore as fast as my connection will let me. At least I know my school work my past blog past and important pics are safe and secure.

– Mike


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