Making A Home Sever F or The Rest Of Us

I use to use my old windows 98 computer for a server until it died. It was a good idea I think and something I had wanted to do. It wasn’t that hard I just had wish I had a copy of windows XP laying a round to network my computers all to gather and it would have helped if the router that we are using in this house was connected to that computer. As long as you have all that and an older computer that is just sitting around gathering dust you can have a little sever of your own. Just be aware you won’t be abele to make users on the network or even do roaming profiles.

I would reinstall windows on the computer you are going to use for this and I would also say do this with wired network. This will work on a wireless network but it will be slower. One more thing I for got to say make sure this computer is has at least 80 GB of hard drive space. Once you have reinstalled windows make a good 20 GB partition. Once you have that made make your work group and name it something other than workgroup. Once windows is done confining windows it should ask you to either make a CD or finish. It is easier to tell it to have it make a setup file on a flash drive. Once you have the setup file with your network config on it just take to all the computers that you want networked to the older one. When you have done that you can get back on your “server” and tell it to share the 20 GB partition you made. Then you just have to go to the computers you have networked to it and tell them to map it out as a network drive just make it the same drive volume on all the computers. Then you can just save files to that drive have Microsoft Money to save your money file there then you have another back for your money things or even save your documents to it. Just one thing though never work off this server or really any server cause if something happen to your network work you cant get to your computer.

Well I hope this helps and saves money if you have wanted a home sever but you really don’t think you need it. This was a big help for me when I did this. Just remember to back up your data to something like sky drive or even to a DVD. If you want to e-mail me about the blog just e-mail me at hope to hear from you all.

– Mike


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