No More DRM?

Last night I was on Itunes buying music and I saw +.99. I wanted to know plus what? So I clicked on it and it came up with a FAQ about Itunes Plus. From what it was saying Itunes plus is going to be a new Itunes store with and it will off the Fowlling.

  1. No DRM on songs
  2. highest-quality 256 kbps AAC encoding
  3. No more burn limits

The songs will also be same price as songs with DRM. This makes me think my be the end of DRM is here its just going to slip away and be no more. I can only assume that buy next year at the latest that all the content on itunes will have no DRM. So I guess what I have to say about it is R.I.P DRM[TP1] .

– Mike

Here are the links to the Apple stamen and the FAQ’s.


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