Firefox going the way of Netscape

Some time this year Firefox 3 is coming out and the more and more I hear about it I can’t help but to think what is going on at Mozilla. I was reading Pual Thurott’s  and he doesn’t seem to like it because Mozilla isn’t doing anything new. Mozilla is what basically made IE7 if not for Mozilla we would not have IE7. But now there is no wreathen to get Firefox you already have it and its IE7. Witch is fine to use. For me at this point the only wreathen I still use Firefox is the mast password and varsines seat belt plug in for Firefox if not for those to things I would be taking Firefox off my computer. In the end there will probably only be IE again. Why you might be asking because if Mozilla doesn’t do anything new with Firefox then no one is going to talk about and tell others about it and with out that no one will know about it. Its not IE or even Safire ware it just comes with the OS. So in the end it will probably die and I think other things that Mozilla dose will too sadly. The other things they do are grate and so is Firefox but with out it why should people go to there site and find the other things they do. It is kind of said that the browser that fought for internet standers and won will probably never see the light of day soon. Unless that is they do something in there new bate of Firefox 3 witch came out today and I will be looking at that soon.

– Mike

Here you can go get the Firefox 3 beta 4.




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