Lately you have probably seen that I have been life casting a bit more. I bet you have also seen I have been using stickam rather than Ustream. This is because well I think stickam is better for life casting rather than ustream. There are some reathans for it too.

Now before I get hate mail for ustearm fans I’m not saying ustream is a bad place to do streams. I’m just saying I think stickam is better for things like life casting. One wreathen and this is the big one to, is that there are more people using stickam then there are using ustream. I the 24 hours on ustream I got maybe one or 2 people watching me, while on stickam I get one or two watching an hour and the people that do watch at least talk. I also like that if you have the right cam the quality is better on stickam and stickam goes down a lot less than ustream dose.

So in the end Stickam is my new life casing home. On another note I have been working on my old mikeville page its coming along not done yet but if you want to find me on the Internet then you can always find me at one day I’ll register So if you want to ask me something please do so by e-mailing me at




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