Sick Twitter

For the last few days twitter has been 90% down. From what it has been saying it has something to do with a database going down. Though this isn’t the frist time that this has happen it been happening a lot lattly and I think there are a lot people that are fed up. I see a lot of people are going to other things like Jiko and pownce. I said before that it is 90% down cause you can still twitter and see tweets you just cant see older tweets from the people you are fowling. Also you cant twitter for a IM client. I know I haven’t twitter by Iming sins they stopped supporting AIM. Witch got me quite mad from there last upgrade.

Though it seems like sins there last big upgrade that they did twitter has just gone down hill from there. Though I also think that it has a lot to do with that there are a lot more people using twitter now. Twitter is just so atictiv that everyone is always on it and using it twitter just cant go down (I know that is just not posibal) but twitter is just getting so popular that if twitter tires to get some down time people are going to complane. Just like myspace it dosent matter when myspace gose down there is going to always be about 30,000 people complanng.

So the problem I think is that there is more tweets than twitter can handle. In the end if twitter dose not shape up soon people are going to be leaving. Twitter will always be our little birty with a broken wing.




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