Ustream a mess

I to say something’s are just falling a part lately I’ve notice. Is it really that hard these days to up date things that are critical to a business.

Number one what is going on with it lately. It just seems to be falling apart. So it seems. I was at Iellie’s ustream room when she was trying to do her give and you can hear more about how that went at her web site. But what was happening was ustream was crashing Fire fox and safari. I just couldn’t use ustream on fire fox 3 RC2 and others had the same problem using fire fox 2. I finally had to switch to IE 7 wile I like IE 7 over past Versions of IE I still don’t like switching out of no ware. Well it turns out that what the problem is and what windows ended up telling was it was a problem with flash. From what I’ve been hearing is that just hasn’t updated there flash so when you try to watch a show on ustream and your using the newer flash and ustream is encoding in the last version its causing these browsers to crash. All I have to say is ustream update flash.

I loved ustream when I used them and the problem I really had with them was that it no one was there like they are on stickam. I’m not saying though that stickam is perfect but it works for me and I just really hope that one day the bugs will be fixed and it will be more popular so I can return.





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