My Worries About Cloud Computing

Every ware I look lately I keep hearing about cloud computing. The more I think of it, it kind of worries me. If you don’t know what I’m talking about cloud computing is the assentive to try and make the browser your most important appellation and your only application on your computer.

Now you’re probely asking why would anyone want to do that? Well there are a few reathens why people would like to have that. The rather is so that any ware you go you can always have your apps and files every ware you go.

But you see having everything on the internet kind of scares me. I just see a security disaster happening now if this truly happens. I mean with this whole cloud computing thing we are talking about entire operating systems. Just think Windows on the internet its unsecure now how many times do you think windows will be down then. Things going down if all your files and for business appellations on the internet there will be more incentive to bring down web servers and then what… nothing that’s what businesses wont be able to function losing millions if not billions from this.

Well I do think cloud computing is a really good idea. Like I have just said I have some worries about it. I it will be along time before this becomes a reality but I hope along the way developers think about some of these things. I really hope this happens I just think right now I feel safer having things on my local hard drive.




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