Windows XP

Well Friday was Bill gates last day at Microsoft. He retired the 3rd richest person in the world. Though he will still be at Microsoft after t Friday but he won’t have the say like he once did. But Monday is the last day you will see Windows XP on store shelves. But there road map for windows XP has changed for the better and you can read about it at the supper site for windows.

Well what I really want to say in this post is good bye windows XP. I will miss your weird colored task bar and start menu. I will miss how you anoid me with highlighting programs I just installed and most of all I will miss how when I plugged an old peace of hardware in you I never had to worried if it was going to work. But really I’m not going to miss XP all that much when I go to school and I have to use XP I miss Vista because my teacher tells me to find Photoshop and I cant find but I muddier to my self well if the school would just upgrade to danm Vista I could just type in “Photoshop” and what would pop up in the start menu oh my god Photoshop.

So for the last time good by windows XP I won’t really miss you that much. I just want to say I’m not saying that Vista is perfect by and stretch of the imagination but its good enof for me, for what I use it for at least.




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