2 Windows

Back when windows 98 was king there was really two windows. Windows 98 and windows NT. 98 was the consumer version of windows and windows NT was the enterprise version. But when windows XP came out they combined the two cereals.

The point I’m trying to get at is why they would do that. They should go back to only having two cereals, a consumer version and a enterprise version. The consumer version could have things like the windows live sweet and Microsoft works. Then the enterprise version of windows could have stuff like Office and all the things enterprise users need to get there work done.

I got a lot of this from listening to windows weekly and when Paul was talking about I was just sitting here thinking “I want that” it was like as if I woke up from one of those dreams that are so good you think its real until you wake up and look around and think DANM it was just a dream. I just really think that marketing is getting in the way of what consumers want.




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