Back-Up People

Late this morning I posted a video with my good friend thevixy having problems trying to get into OS X on her mac book. But she could get into Windows XP on her mac book. There are only 2 things I can think of one that a system file in OS X got corrupted and all she has to do is reinstall OS X or a sector on the OS X partion is broke witch she could use spin rite to fix if she has an extra $90 laying around.

This though is why I always like to back up things. once a month I always back up everything I can on to a DVD. Every week I back up important files to  windows live sky drive. Why you may ask, well cause its 5 GB for free so that’s enof for me to back up all my blog entry’s to it and other small files that I need or want and they are always there when I want them. Though I find it kind of funny to that the other day that I was watching System and they were showing how to turn a old computer into a free NAS (Network Attached Storage) witch is a good way to back up your data because it is a on site back so then it only takes as long as it takes to transfer files over your network.

So please people for your own sake and the safety of your data back it up. If its picks got windows live photo gallery and back them up to flickr. just back up then when your computer just stops working one day it wont matter as much cause you will have your data some place safe and ware you can get to it.



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