Iphone 2.0 hacked maybe not so good???

Well I know that at this point I know this old new that the iphone 2.0 has been hacked. Is it just me or dose it just not make sence to hack the 2.0 software it dose everything you want it to do in the first place why do people need to hack to install apps I mean this just opens the door I think to problems. I think the first time it was hacked with the 1.0 software it was a good thing but now that the iphone and ipod touch can install apps now I think it will be time for the hackers to start doing mulish us things to it and I think it will become the windows of phones. People will have to worry about viruses on your phone. Though it wouldn’t be a new things there already viruses for cell phones out there just hasn’t been a huge out brake yet.

I just think that the iphone is just a setup for a big out brake of a viruses. The army is even using it what other reathen would there be for other country that hate us to come up with a hack or a viruses that would fuck with though. I think it’s something that people should keep in mind. So don’t freak out just be cautious and always be alert cause it could happen.




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