Windows Vista SE

I’ve been thinking for awhile now about windows 7 and what it might be like. I really been thinking that it would be like windows 98 SE. Why you might ask. Well it really hasn’t been that long since Vista came out. So I figured that windows 7 is going to fix all the problems with Vista and add things to it to make it the OS that it should have been out of the box. When I was thinking of doing this blog entry I thought I would e-mail Paul Thurrott from the supper site for windows. Surprising to me he responded to my e-mail.

Hey Paul I just wanted to ask you you think on something. I’ve been thinking about windows vista and windows 7. MY question to you is do you think that windows 7 is going to be more like windows 98 SE in scenes that its not going to change anything that its just going to be a really big update that’s going to cost a lot of money to just fix some of the problems with windows vista now and add some new things to it. I mean it just doesn’t seem like something all that existed to get when it comes out like I was when windows vista came out.


Mike B

and his Reply:

I think it’s going to be like Windows Vista in reverse. (Bear with that one for a sec.)
In other words … Windows Vista completely changed the underlying Windows platform but provided a UI and experience that was much like its predecessor. To the user, Vista isn’t a huge upgrade, but the reality is that the underlying platform has completely changed.
Windows 7 will utilize this new Vista-based platform but will likely be a dramatically different OS from a user experience standpoint, hopefully with at least an improved if not completely new shell. There will be a ton of new applications and functionality.
I guess Windows 7 could never have happened without Windows Vista, but Windows Vista will never get the respect it deserves for getting the hard part done and taking the ensuing lumps.

I think after reading that has me thinking a little bit more of windows 7. I just hope it doesn’t get the rap that vista got or even cause of vista that it doesn’t just get looked over. I think that would be an awful shame.




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