A New Computer

Today I went with my grandparents to get there first computer and boy was that fun. We went to circuit city to get it it was a Compaq pasarieo laptop. Getting it wasn’t that bad other than I  miss read the thing I found on there site. I thought it was $499.99 but that was with a rebate. It turned out to be around $600.00 so there was a slight error there with that.

Like I said before they got a Compaq its running a Intel Pentium duel cor prosseser with 2 GB of RAM. It works pretty good for a laptop or maybe that’s cause I’m use to this one witch I can never say is the best laptop ever. But it dose get my work done and school work so its not that bad.

Trying to teach them things was hard though cause what they want to do is things on the Internet. I just don’t want to be telling them things they wont ever remember or use. So I showed them how to do a few things in Word and how to turn it on and off that’s about it. It was really even harder to cause I had maybe 3 house of sleep.

Now as they say they are now part of the 21st century. They just need to get on the Internet witch will be soon and I can help a lot more.




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