Computers For The Old

A week ago I believe I talked about how my grandfather got a computer. Well it has been about a week later and he loves it. My grandma has been telling me that he has been getting up at 8 A.M to get on the computer. At this point my grandpa know ‘s more about the computer than my mom dose who uses computers every night at her job. I just found that funny.

My point is that most older people don’t think that they can use a computer. When you say computer they think of the old like punch card mashies. You just have to show them how easy they are to use. I just think that it is better for a older person to have a computer just cause it makes things a lot easier for older people. For example things like paying bills ordering medicine and in some cases even get groceries.

I really think that if you have someone in your family that is older and they don’t think they could ever use a computer you should find some way to let them use one and show them to that it is easy. So computers can be used by all you just got to know how to back up so if you mess up you can go back.




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