A Possible iphone hack

What is in this blog entry is comply just a theory that I cooked up in my head when I found out that there was a kill switch that apple had made for the Iphone to kill any app on a phone remotely. So no of this is true as far as I know.

So now this is what I was thinking, last week I believe it was that apple admitted that there is a kill switch deep inside the iphones OS that allows them to kill any app remotely on the iphone. Now what I was thinking is what if someone were to hack apple and get a holed of this kill switch wouldn’t it be possible for the hacker to start messing with so enterprise level stuff like they showed in Steve’s key note back at WWMC I believe it’s called, that they were showing businesses using it well what if one of the apps is mission critical for them and they wake up and its gone from the phone.

I was also thinking could this kill switch kill other apps than the third party apps like the Ipod part that’s just really an app on there so you can get your music that is on the hardware could the hacker also take that off to making so you can’t lessen to your music of podcast or whatever you do with the ipod part.

Now I’m sure I’m just being paranoid and most of this couldn’t happen but the Iphone and the Ipod touch are both running an OS which means some ware deep inside its code is some kind of exploit just waiting to be found and exploited.


 apple logo


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