Podcast or Netcast whatever you want to call them they have started to make a change I think for the better or at least for the people that miss Tech TV. I was one of the thousands that were sadden when G4 took over and killed all the good shows on there. I think the only show that aired on Tech TV that is still there is Wired for Sex (Surprise Surprise).

Thank god Leo Laporte started twit and also thank god for Revion 3. I don’t know what I would do without thoughts pod casting networks I would drive myself crazy and I would not know most of the stuff that I know now. I watch more podcast more than I do TV now I find pod cast are a lot more convenient then TV cause I just turn on Itunes and its downloaded to my computer and I can watch them whenever I want. I myself normally watch my podcast when I’m eating breakfast normally things like the chris Pirillo show and Techzilla.

Though I see a down side to it I find is that pod cast are just like blogs but more annoying in the wrong hands. Cause of the fact that pod cast are so easy to make that means that any dumb ass can say what they want and normally do have their facts striate. That’s really the down side I think to podcast but as long you stick with figures or networks that you know and trust like CNET or soon to be called NBCNET you will fine and won’t really hear from them or other networks that you trust from TV.

Go to your Itunes or whatever is your favorite RSS reader and subscribe to shows that seem to interest you. At this point there is millions of them so I’m sure you will be able to find something and you will never have to surf around your TV to find something to watch again.




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