I’m A PC???

Well Microsoft is all over the with there ad’s now. The most meberbal I think were the Synfell Gates ad’s witch since they have pulled the plug on now. A vary sad thing  I think since I liked thought’s ad’s. They also have the mojave ad’s they got going witch are ok. The newer of the ones that I think are a hit in the right discretion is the I’m a PC ad’s they have started showing.

When I started seeing this I was happy. I thought this was the right step back at the PC VS MAC ad’s apple has been showing the last few years. With that first line “Im a PC and I have made into a stereotype type.” I was thought to my self right on. I think out of all the ad’s they have been showing this campaign is a winner. Why you might say well because they just deconstruct almost everything Apple has been saying about windows.

So I have this to say to Microsoft please make more of this ad you will win back your loss users with these ad’s or at least get them to put Vista on there  Mac’s.


(This is the full ones)


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