What I have heard about windows 7

I do not have a copy of windows 7 nor do I think I will until it comes out but I have herd and seen many cool things about windows 7 that make me want it. The big thing that makes me want it now is that it is vary light weight witch is something different since normally when a new version of an OS comes out it is bigger than the previous one. The other thing is kind of n Apple thing but from the screen shots of it, well its pretty darn its dame sexy is what it is. Paul Thurrott’s supper site for windows has a lot of screen shots of it there so check them out.

Windows 7 is going to be an improvement UI wise from what it looks like more than anything elts. Not to say there is not any changes in the back round going on but I think the over all focuses for the windows 7 team is UI. The only thing I ask is why windows 7? its the 12 version of windows and like the 6 version of the kernel. Windows 7 will ship as kernel version 6.1. The windows 7 blog try’s to answer this but I don’t seem to get Why 7?




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