Things I have notice

I found out something today and Im not sure how long it has been out for but Sony has a free version of Acid called Acid express and I just downloaded it and I have never really played with Acid pro before so it should be fun when I go to play with it. So you can get that at the Sony site.

The windows live wave 3 is coming soon I have been using the beta for a wile now and I love it I use windows live photo gallery the most to keep track of the photos I take and have on my PC. The problem I have had though is I have 2 computers I use my laptop and my desktop. I use my laptop to do all my photo editing because the screen is wider and it is brighter. I want to have the photos that are on my laptop on my desktop computer but I don’t want to have to drag and drop them in to a network folder. I want to sync them with the Pitcher folder on my two computers. Well from what I have herd in the final version of Live photo gallery it will sync your pics between all the computers you use all you have to do is log in with your Live ID and it will start syncing them. Also windows live sync will be part of the Wave 3. The only thing that will not be ready for Wave 3 will be the new movie maker.

Another thing I have notice is yester day when I woke up I notice my Desktop had been restarted and when I logged on to windows it said that a new updated had been installed but when I turned on my laptop and looked for updates it didn’t have any and I know they both were updated last patch Tuesday. So im not sure what that was about if you know e-mail me at Well thats all I have noticed for now and I hope everyone had a good thanks giving.




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