Google OS?

I had no idea that google was making a OS. It uses Ubuntu so if you are familiar with that you should be fine. Though the one thing I like about it is that it has a doc like OS X. But that is the mac fan with in me saying that. I think the G OS is quite good for net books witch is what they are being but in. Most of them made by Everex (not my favorite OEM). It installs just like any other linux distro so just burn the live CD and try it out and install. It really has everything you need for your basic user. It has Firefox, Open Office, google docs, Google Cal, Blogger, Youtube, gimp, most of the same things that are in Unbuntu.

Im sure you just read that last sentence and are thinking wait gmail, google docs, youtube and blooger are not apps. You get a cookie because they are not they are online apps and I like the way they prezent them in the OS. They open them in like a crome environment making them seem like local apps running on the hard drive. This is expected because this OS was made with net books in mind.

I have looked at this as good as I know how (Im no linux expert) and I think this is a grate linuxs distro for anyone who is fixing up a computer for someone that just wants to do e-mail and surf the web. It is a small kernal and it only needs a 1.25 ghz processor to run and vary little ram I was only using 512 MB in the VM I was using. You can get at thinkgos and there is also a myspace version with myspace apps on the doc.




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