Facebook Fail!!!!

I think at this point we know about the  change in facebook privacy policy. I we can all agree that its just wrong but incase you have no idea what im talking about, Facebook changed there privacy policy to basically say that any info that you put on your facebook page or any content you put on your facebook page is there’s and they can do what ever they want with it. You can read more at mashable.

What I think we are going to see is facebook selling are info to ad agencies and company’s so they can make ads that they can make ads that appeal to us. Witch will probably not work. But they could do other things with this too if you want to that into it. They can sell pics that we put on our pages to ad company’s so when it shows one of thoughs meet hot girls in your area, it could come up with a pic of a a girl on your friends list (or guy).

I know it is a quick way to make money Facebook but really you don’t own us and you maybe able to use our stuff even if we leave facebook but if we do leave we will find some place elts that will not take our info and the ad company’s will no longer want you. So what im really saying is don’t mess with your users.



*update: In the time I wrote this facebooks mark Zuckerberg has responded to the conserns of this chang witch you can read as well on mashable.


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