Why Is It So Hard

Today I went to Walmart and well I hate Walmart, I’m not sure if I have really ever said that on here but just so you know I hate Walmart. Its not even the whole chine’s thing or that they pay there employs shit its because there are so many people there and most of them I wish just wouldn’t open there mouth. But these people are the common windows users witch scare me.

I was checking out and the lady doing it was older but had no clue what she was talking about she was talking to the older lady in front of me about the computer she got recently and went on to say how she got vista and how she doesn’t know it but she said she had XP before that and now she has to learn ware things are allover again and she wished that there was classis to learn vista but she only find place for windows 2005(and what the hell is that the only thing I could think of is windows server most likely).

So I under stand she was old computers are a whole new world for her but i really think that computers Windows or Mac are not that hard to get use to. But normal people go into this with the whole thought of ooo computers scary and so they make it allot harder than they should be.They wont try things cause they think they are going to brake it but I really find that not true. I was like that for awhile I will admit when I got my first PC when I was in 3rd grade but then I learned to back up and what the restore disks did and I was never afraid to do anything. Now I still don’t touch anything in the BIO settings but I think that is a give in unless you know what you are doing.

Also these people don’t know how to secure them selves online either and in that case they are a danger to them selves and others. These people don’t update there computer and think as long as I got Nortan anti virus I’m safe and nothing can hurt my computer. That right there is scary to me too and the anti viruses companies don’t really correct that either. Then when you tell them the truth they say “Well why do I need a anti virus then if it doesn’t help me” and you have to try to tell them is more a safety net.

Its a mess out there and I really wish there were more people like well Leo Laporte cause I think he dose do a good job of explaining to the normal user these things. A lot better than I can I try as I might but there just so much I can do because of the generation gap its easier for him because well he is older and can relate to them than a 18 year old could to a 50 year old. When I try to explain something to my friends who are around my age I can relate things to them and they can under stand what I ‘am talking about.  Maybe there will be one day where people understand computers a little bit more then they do now but until then I still have to run to my grandparents just so I can restart there computer and say and its fixed lol.



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