The New Browser War

For awhile now we have been seeing the beginning of a new browser war. What I find funny is that it is with the same two browsers again. Internet explorer and Netscape great grandson Mozilla Firefox. It’s like a horror movie for Microsoft I think. They killed monster once (Netscape) and now in a new form it has come back stronger and better than it once was and now Microsoft has to fight it off again. But it is losing.

For thought’s of you who do not know what I’m talking about the browser war is what it was called when in 1993 Netscape came out with a browser called Netscape communicator and Microsoft soon relies that well maybe they would should get on this internet thing so they came out with internet explorer. By the end of the 90’s they had destroyed Netscape.

Although the original Netscape has been gone for a long time now the sores code floated around the internet and a company named Mozilla witched they then improved and slightly changed to be there first browser Mozilla. Then sometime latter it became Mozilla Firefox.

With Internet explorer 6 so in secure it gave a lot people a wreathen to switch from IE to Firefox. Which is now IE’s down fall and even with their soon to be realest Internet Explorer 8 hopes are not high? IE 8 is supposed to work better with web standers unlike other versions of IE. Although it does the mark of IE has already been made even their own sites do not work right yet with IE 8 because most web servers see IE and render the page how IE likes it to be render.

I think this just show that IE is paying for its sins you could say. I’m not saying there will be a world without IE cause its part of windows and although I don’t use it much there are times when flash or some plug in go’s bad in Firefox and it just won’t work right and I need to get something done and that is ware IE comes in handy cause it has sonority so every web page works with it. Though I’ am glad for Firefox I love some many featchers in it that I couldn’t just name one or two. So who ever winds this time I hope doesn’t become a tyrant like Microsoft did.

The new browser war



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