The Forgotten Virtual PC Software

I listen to alto of podcast and a few of them do tech support questions. A lot of times they get people that want to move from windows XP to Vista or PC to Mac but wont because of one or 2 applications that wont work with the new thing that they want. Well that’s when the hosts sagest things like VMware and Parallels. These are good Virtual PC software  but they are so expensive. I don’t see why they don’t tell them to use virtual box its a grate VM software and it is free. I’m sure there are things that VMware and Parallels can do that Virtual Box cant but I think if your still wanting to use older software and want the new thing too its grate.Revision 3’s system did an episode about VM’s it was grate and that is ware I first herd of Virtual Box. So try it you got nothing to lose its free and its grate for trying out Linux OS’s.

The system episode I talked about in the post.

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