Undoing the Cable.

More and more lately I look over at my cable box and think why are you still here. I never watch TV on my TV anymore. I’m about to walk out of my room with it in hand say here I don’t need it anymore. Most shows I watch are podcast and any TV shows I want to see are on hulu or the adobe media player. Its had to give it up because there is like one show can’t find that I can legally watch on the web and that is Big Bang Theory. Witch kind of shocks me that its not on the web. Well hopefully it will and there is the pirate bay to get the show if I really want to watch it. Its there fault they should have it on the web I would watch one maybe to ad’s if I have to but no its not on the web so tuff shit to CBS then. I’m almost serten now that I will do this though I’m not paying the cable bill so I probably will keep it.


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