A few Tips to Secure your New PC

Im sure allot of you who read this blog our the family tech support or neighborhood IT department. So you probably have to set-up a new PC now and then I think you should do a few things to make sure that your not being called back a million times because there PC is Loaded with spy ware.

  1. Take off any Crapware on the PC. Allot of times when people buy new computers it loaded with crap that they will never need.
  2. Run windows update as soon as you get a connection. Most of the PCs coming out now have Vista with SP1 although that is good there are allot of dates since then and they are all important. You may also want to set windows update to download and install for them as well.
  3. Make two user accounts on the PC one admin and one limited. Although yes even as admin on Vista your really limited you still should do this because if you were admin you might just hit continue with out looking to see what you were giving admin rights. With being limited you have to use a password to do it and that gives you time to look and see what it is.

I hope these tips help you with setting up these new computers.



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