What is the next Twitter?

Twitter the micro blogging social network we all love and some of us have loved for awhile is now all grown up. Its popular with people in Hollywood and the geeks like leo Laporte are now pushed way under by well famous people. So what dose that mean the early adopters need to find something new. But what is it? I think it could be friend feed. Why do I think this well it brings all the social media stuff together as your life feed and I think makes it all a little bit more mange able. I have a friend feed account that my best friend @thevixty made for me awhile ago but I just never really got into it. I think though with twitter being so popular and soon my friends probably using it its time to find something elts. Not that I’m leaving twitter I love twitter and with friend feed I don’t have to choose I can still twitter using it and all the other things I can do I still use just with friend feeds end. So I will be looking at Friend Feed all this week and trying to get into it as much as I can.



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