We Follow

About a week a go Kevin Rose lunched his Twitter directory site we follow. I didn’t get it at first I will admit and I didn’t bother with it for awhile but last night I thought I should add my self to it and see what happens. Well about 30 minutes latter I started getting adds on twitter ya they were just promotional things and clubs but it worked and one of them I will talk about when it comes out. But back to we follow. We follow is pretty simple to set up you just @wefollow and make tags as to what you talk about on your twitter stream like I put @wefollow #tech #blogger #photography and I was then put on those categories on we follow. We follow makes it so much easier to find people that are going to talk about things that you want to see on your stream on twitter. They rank them too so you know who is worth following but the ranks change from category to category so Kevin Rose is number 1 under #tech but he might be number 50 under #tea.  If you are looking to find more followers on Twitter then add your self to the directory and see how many you get you got nothing to lose.



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