The Next OS is Coming… Who Cares?

Windows 7 is coming soon and so is snow leopard. But really dose it really matter. I guess it dose right now but I think by the time windows 7 reaches end of life I think that it wont matter because no one will be running applications on there PCs like they do now. They will be doing cloud computing. Using web apps. More and more I know I find my self using the web to do things that maybe a few years ago I would have to go out and find software and install it on my PC. Lets look at Microsoft for a sec things keep getting striped out of windows and sooner or latter there going to end up with just windows that can run a browser witch will be a true cloud OS. There are many people that are a bit scared of this (myself included) that it will be a security and just a plan pain to keep everything on the web. By this I mean that if we keep every thing in the cloud then when we need what we need up there it may not be there when we need it. For now everything is safe on my PC and just my e-mail and a few small documents are up in the cloud right now I still think that Microsoft will be the first with a true cloud OS.



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