Letting The Bird Spred Its Wings and Fly Away

I’m starting to see it. Its all round now people wanting me to follow them on twitter. I know that dose not sound odd but now it is normal people my friends that in less than a year ago never herd of it and didn’t get the point. What made me sick though was watching techzilla and hearing Veronica Belmont ask the person she was interviewing if he thought that celebrates getting on twitter was the start of the MySpace affectation of twitter and it made me sick. I really don’t want to see twitter become the next MySpace. I mean yes its nice that twitter is getting popular but I kind of liked saying twitter and no one knowing what I was talking about. It was nice. Though I guess twitter is like a bird and it is time to let it grow up and leave the nest. Something new will come along and the same thing will happen to that too I’m sure but that is the way of the web.



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