What Went Wrong With Vista

In October Windows 7 will come out over shadowing Windows Vista. Vista will be lost in time to be forgotten by Microsoft. Well I think we should take this time to look back at what went wrong with Vista.

Vista was in beta along time with the code name windows long horn. I do think this might have been part of Vista’s down fall because wile Microsoft window was busy trying to get Long Horn together we were happy with XP and got to know XP maybe better then any other Microsoft OS. It just became what you thought of a OS to be. Now going back to the long beta of Long Horn there were resends why it was delayed so long. Now I never was in the beta for vista but from everything that I have read and herd they basically tried to build it off of the .Net frame work and it just was not up to the task of running a OS. So a lot of the stuff we see are coming out for Windows 7 was originally part of Vista but they had to take it out because the had to start all over again and rush it out the door. Witch of course is going to lead to problems latter on.

The second Thing that cause Vista to fail was it came out in January after the holidays. Now why would they do that? Wouldn’t it have made more sences to have released it in November? Or even August when kids are going back to school or college and are looking for new computers? But no it came out in January once everything was said and done.

Now the third thing that killed Vista and this is the big one was the Mac VS PC ad’s Apple came out with. People saw these ad’s and believed every word. Most likely they believed it because they probably knew someone that had Vista the day it came out and lets face it vista had problems when it first came out, But so did XP and 2000, ME, 98, 95. So did OS 10.5 and im sure all the other meager upgrades to OS X did as well. What most people don’t know is When OS’s come out they all have problems but people saw these ad’s and believed it and that was that.

Even though when Microsoft came out with Service Pack 1 for Vista and had fixed most of the meager problems that consumers had with Vista it was to late people were ether staying with XP or moving to a Mac. This I found sad because for home users I think vista is grate I use it everyday and I have never had a problem. Though I realize Im just one person and that im sure others have had problems cause of one reason or anther.

In October windows 7 will come out now im not saying they cut Vista’s time on this Earth sort Vista has been out long enough and its time for windows 7 but what is windows 7?  Windows 7 is everything Vista was suppose to be and much more there really isn’t much new under the cover but there is on the cover. Hopefully Microsoft has learned from there mistakes. Witch it seems like they have with the adds they have been putting out there like Im a PC ads and the Laptop hunter ad’s.

Lets hope that Microsoft can now but Vista be hind them and look forward towards windows 7 with things like XP mode in Windows 7 compatibility should be a thing of the past. All I really can say now is good luck Microsoft you will need it.


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