Are Social Networks The New Operating Systems?

Windows 7 and OS X Snow leopard is coming out soon, but dose anyone really care? There are some people that care windows fan boys, hackers, and Apple fans. but out side of them dose anyone care, I think not. Now if I were to say facebook 2.0 is coming out or myspace 3.0 people would probably freak.

Now Why is that? Well Social networks are something we use now everyday. When was the last time you got an e-mail from a friend in your e-mail that was not a alert to say you got a message on facebook. I know I haven’t. The only purpus for my e-mail ate this point is to alert me when I have messages on my facebook or myspace accounts that’s about it. Now we are getting to ware Mac VS PC dose not matter its going to be do I join Facebook or Myspace and really that decision comes down to two things, do I like the UI and are most of my friends on here.

Now I know there free so why not use both. You can but there is going to be one that you use more. I know people that use OS X and Windows but they all have one they like more and that is what they use. Same thing goes

with Social networks. Right now both Facebook and Myspace have applications that you can use on there sites most are pretty trivial, but one day I hope get better. Though I have seen some on Facebook that look cool. My point being there platforms that witch other software runs on just like windows or OS X.

For now these social networks are what we use to talk and communicate with one another. One day soon they will more important then what what OS you run now or what Browser you use it will be who you are.



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