How Social Media has Changed My Life

Back when I was a freshman 4 years ago I wanted nothing to do with Myspace or Facebook. I just thought they were a waste of time and if I wanted to talk to my friends I would just IM them or text them. It just seemed senseless to get a Myspace account. By November that year pretty much everyone I knew had a Myspace page and so I gave in. At first I will say I didn’t like it, though I don’t normally like things when I first tried it. It took about 3 months to like it. Once I liked it though that was it just became a habit when I got up every morning to get on my computer and check my messages and request.

Myspace let me then become friends with others that I would never would have had the chance to become friends with before. Though I do think it comes at a price because most them are far away like on the other side of the county in some cases and I would love to hang out them but I can’t and I know its not impossible but for now it is difficult and there many times in witch it saddens me that I can’t be there for them when maybe they need it. But the good times I feel over come it.

Though then I went to Ustream and there is ware I found my best friend TheVixy and she showed me this new social network called twitter and that was it I never looked back on that and I loved it. I have learned so much about people that I have looked up to now since I was in 5th grade watching Tech TV like Leo Laporte and Chris Pirillo and so much more and I have even gotten to talk to them. These are people that like I said look up to there like heroes like how a normal person might look up to a serten celebrity that’s how I looked up to them and to get to talk to them really blow my mind it was amazing.

Now lets bring in Facebook another one ware I tried it and hated it and it took me sometime to like but once I did I saw all the flaws in Myspace and went running for Facebook. I loved the use of fan pages and liking things on there its just so addictive and how I can just plug in other sites to it, it is amazing and I use it more then I ever did Facebook.

How has social media changed my life? Well it has strength existing friendships, it has aloud me to find new friendships and gotten a taste of life in different parts of the country. I feel now more well rounded because of that. It has caused me though some pain that I would not have had if not for social media. For the most part I feel so much better off that I have excepted social media and so much less alone.


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