What Is A Browser?

A few days a go I had to help a friend with a problem with a problem. I got to her computer using logmein and what was the first thing I saw IE it didn’t surprise me really cause I know her and her family aren’t geeks so they are happy with that. But when I suggest they use Firefox instead of IE I was then asked what is IE, so I told her that it was the browser that she is using now. Then I herd what is a browser? Right then I wanted to be like are you kidding, but then thought to my self and relies that most people really don’t know what a browser is or what it dose. For the most part people just see it as this thing that thing that takes them to Myspace or Facebook. They have no idea what it can do for them or even how to do it.

I really don’t know what to think at first. I mean ya N00b comes to mind but I’m not that mean. As I think about it security wise I think well IE is unsecure wile Firefox is secure. For me that more then enough  resin to switch to another browser. The other thing that comes to mind too is its a basic thing a browser that I find is one of though’s things that you should know how to use just like how to turn on the computer and shut it down. Cause lets face it the browser is going to replace the operating system one day. We now know this cause of the announcement of the Chrome OS by Google.

Though back to my friend I tried to get them to switch but… before I could even download it, it came back saying her computer didn’t meat the minimum requirements for Firefox 3.5, so she has other problems other than she is running IE. But for all the others that know better if you family that is still using IE I say if they are doing allot online shopping or banking you should moving to another browser other then IE even if its not Firefox just something elts or sandbox it at the vary lest.



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