Securing Your WIFI

Every place I go and look for WIFI everyone has there WIFI encrypted with WEP. Witch I guess is better then having your WIFI out in the open with no encryption. But still you can just Google cracking WEP and get a program that can crack it in seconds. So you might be thinking what do I do then, well there is only one thing you can do and that is turn on WPA encryption. Most routers now come with a quick setup CD and when you get to setting up the security by default most routers are set to WEP cause when you do WPA windows by default dose not authenticate for WPA encryption so what you see is in the net work discovery list is this


witch means you cant get online. what you have to do now is follow these steps:

Go Start and then Connect to.

start conect to

Then you should go to the connect to screen with all the networks in the area. Right click on your network and go to properties.

conect to screen

Once the properties are open click security type and switch it to WPA2 personal and encryption type to AES.


Now just hit ok and you should connect to your network and now you have a stronger encryption. Just remember when you make the password when you setup the router you make it random and long to increase the strength of the password.




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