No More Classic?

This Wednesday September 9th Apple will be holding a press event witch more then likely they will be revealing new IPods and maybe a tablet. But my focus right now is the IPods and what they might announce. For years there have always have had new IPod classics my feeling is just like the Power PC  Apple is going to cut the classic for the line. You might think this is crazy but there are good reason why they might do this.

One reason might be that the IPod classic is really more space then what most people need. Not every one has a music collection that is a 160 GB or more most people (me included) have 8 GB or 16 GB IPod that is more then enough room for music, videos, and other things. Most people that have collections bigger then that already have a classic have found other ways to get there music around.

My other reason to think they might be getting rid of the classic is that the touch will be the top IPod and the other iPods will be modeled after it form now on. I think that they will all have a touch screen interface or they will have a way to use the mobile OS X 3.0 with the click wheel. Now you may be thinking well why couldn’t the classic run that then? Well my answer is they want all there IPods to have soled state drives and right now to get a 160 GB or more soled state drive you are looking at around $600 witch means you would be paying allot more for a classic then the rest of the IPod line.

I do think that Wednesday they will get rid of the Classic. It is just unnecessary to have it any longer. Though this is all speculation so for all I know they could come out with a new and it will do everything the touch can do but with the click wheel. I just don’t know it but it is fun to guess. I just want this to happen I think more then anything. If you have an idea what might happen send me tweet on twitter samliikecoke or leave a comment =].



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