The Importance of Windows Live To Windows 7 Part 1.5

When I did the first part of this series I talked about the windows live suit but I forgot about one part of it that I cant be leave I forgot about. That is Windows Live Photo Gallery. Witch is something I use everyday. I really cant be leave I forgot about this. Photo Gallery is vary use for organizing your photos. It a louse you to import photos from your camera or SD card easily name the album and tag your photos before they are even imported. Once you have your photos imported you can tag each photo even more by tagging people. The program is smart enough to say hey there is a face here who is it? Form there you can click on it and it will bring your contacts list form your windows live mail account and you can use that to tag who it is. Photo Gallery also has simple editing tools to crop, color adjust, and straighten your photos. If you want to get your photos online you can upload them to your Spaces account (witch uses your sky drive) and you can upload to flickr. There is also addon’s so you can upload to Facebook and a few other social networks. I feel that Windows Live Photo Gallery plus Movie Maker will be something everyone will need and use once windows 7 comes out. But if you have Vista or XP you can get all this now at Just a note to XP users the new version of Movie Maker will not work.




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