The Importance of Windows Live To Windows 7 Part 2: The Web

In first Part I talked about how the Windows Live for the desktop completes Windows 7. Now how dose the web complete the desktop programs. There are a few key services that work with the desktop programs. Windows Live Mail, Live Skydrive, and Spaces come together.

Lets start with Windows Live Mail if you have ever used Outlook then the Windows Live Mail will look almost like a simplified version of Outlook to you with your e-mail contacts and a calendar. All the things you need and nice thing is anything you do on the online Windows Live  Mail will be changed in the desktop program as well. Add a event to your calendar online when you go to the desktop program and hit sync and it will be added to the desktop calendar or you can do it the other way as well and it will work.

Windows Live Skyedirve is another part of the online service. Skyedive is basically like having your own hard drive online for what ever you want and its 25 GB free. Now anything you do with windows live spaces is added to your skydrive so keep that in mind. A good way to use it is for a online back up of small files there is a upload limit of 50 MB. So word files and photos it is good for backing up.

Windows Live Spaces is Windows Live social network ware you can add your photos that you want to share with your friends and family. You can start a blog and keep everyone you care about up to date with your life and parties you maybe planning.

The online parts of Windows Live keeps your desktop up to date with you or the other way around. No matter ware you are you can always have your e-mail, photos, calendar, contacts, and your life ware ever you are. If you are if you want to try this stuff this go to Well now there is only one more part, part 3:mobile Windows Live witch I will already say it will not be that long.




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