What Did Apple Have To Say?

Today was apples event today and let me get the one question everyone has been wondering. No the Betals were not there and there not on the ITunes store as of today. But there was a person there that people were also wonder if he would be there and that was Steve Jobs. He looks a little thinner form the last time we have seen him but he seems healthy and ready to talk about new iPods. Witch we kind of got.

One of the first things they talked about was iTunes 9 witch adds things like family sharing, better syncing, iTunes LP, and extras for downloaded movies. The thing I’ve wanted that comes in iTunes 9 is you can organize all your apps on your iPhone and iPod touch so much better now. You can get iTunes 9 now.


The next thing they went into was the iPod touch. They then announced a 64 GB touch for $399 then went on about how its good for gaming and had some people up on stage form EA talking about some games coming out for the touch and iPhone. Then they showed an Ad for it. That was it no cam for the touch witch made me vary sad I have been putting off getting a new touch thinking they would add a camera or they would have something worth upgrading to the new touch but there is not.


They did have two surprise though the first one was they did not kill the iPod Classic. They came out with a 160 GB model one for $249. Now the other one was they gave the nano something new and that was a video camera and mic. Steve talked about the Flip for a bit and then said that apple wanted to try and do something simpler but offer it for free. Then went into talking about the nano and there it was the nano with a camera and mic right in it.




They also kept the iPod shuffle gum stick witch is now available in a few different colors now. But over all I don’t think that today’s event really lived up to the hype that others were giving it. No cam in the touch, no tablet, and no Betals. If I had to pic something that was a big surprise I would have to say it is the new nano’s with the camera in it. I will have screen shots of the new iTunes when I can get it right now I’m sure apples servers are swamped right with people trying to get it.




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